I have a question regarding pension. My ex and I have been divorced for 14 years now. I will be retiring this year and want to know exactly what to expect. There was no judgment regarding my pension at the time of our divorce. Is she entitled to any part of my upcoming pension??? Can I be taken back to court after 14 years and be required to give her some of it???


If you already have a Separation Agreement in place that waives her right to receive a portion of your pension, she wil not be entitled to receive payments from your pension. If you have not already done so and there is no restriction in your agreement, insure that you have changed your beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts.


Thanks for the information. But there was no separation agreement or anything of the sort. (We divorced after a years separation) In fact there was no mention of it…period during the divorce proceedings. Since there was no dealings at all regarding my pension, am I correct in assuming it’s too late to ask for part of it???


That’s correct. If there was no agreement at the time of divorce, then any property/retirement in your sole name becomes your sole and separate property. She does not have a right to your retirement unless she preserved a claim for equitable distribution prior to the time of divorce.


Thank you much…