Retired Pension Plan

I’m writing for my neighbor to help him out. he joined the service in 1973 In 1986 he got married, so he was with his wife 6 years no counting when he was over seas. In 1992 he separated and hasnt been with his wife since, they live in 2 different states. no children. He retired in 1995. Last week he told me he pays her 300.00 a month out of his 1200.00 check because he is afraid she might go after half his check. they never got divorced. he has never filed taxes. Yes l know he got the state now taking 300.00 a month out of the 1200.00 already. And l’m sure his wife hasnt claimed 300.00 a month for 20 years. l’m pushing him to see a attorney but if i had something good to tell him or show him from here maybe he will go. Any help will be greatly appreciated. No l’m not his girlfriend just a good friend trying to help him out. He gets his check tomorrow by the 5 th he is broke till next month.

I’m happy to help, but there is no question in your post.

basically since he has been separated over 20 years but not legally. and only married in real time 6 years will he still have to let her get half his 1200.00 pension. thats all he gets. she works. he doesnt.

The coverture fraction would be date of marriage to date of separation divided by total years of service.