Phone recordings

Ok here’s the issue;

A friend of mine’s ex has been on your site and in this forum and saw where he could get away with recording phone conversations between him and her. But I wonder if he’s taken it to far.

  1. He was at her home pretending that he wanted to work things out and was recording the entire time in her home, these recordings include minor children talking and him asking questions

  2. they are only partial recordings, none of the things he admited to doing has been recorded or it has been deleted.

  3. these recordings were done by a cell phone, downloaded to a computer and burned to a CD, which allowed portions to be deleted but you can’t tell this, only the fact that her and her children remember the conversation.

  4. he uses these to attempt to blackmail her by telling her that they will disappear if she does what he wants

  5. You can hear her yelling and getting irrate but his threats and manipulation is not on the recordings to show why she is so upset, it just sounds like she’s out of control.

  6. One recording is of her punishing her minor child and the child screaming and crying, but no portion of what started it and caused her to punish the child. It just sounds like the child is being mistreated. BTW the punishment was losing computer time and video games, so the child was extremely upset and begging “no mommy no, please mommy no, mommy don’t do that, please”

Can he really use these in court? If so how can a judge allow it when he has manipulated them to where it sounds like he is just calling and instantly getting yelled at?

When she has asked if he is recording he has told her no he would never do that and lies to her. He also talked her into deleting her own recordings when they were supposedly going to work things out and that it would show trust if they both did it, she fell for it and he kept his.

He can attempt to use these recordings in court, and the judge will decide if they will be allowed. Your friend will have the opportunity to testify as to the edited nature of the recordings if they are allowed into evidence.