Recording conversation

I have been worried for some time now that my children have been unfairly brought into this divorce and my ex-wife has given them way more information that they need as children. I have refrained from discussing the issues unless they ask, but even then give them answers that attempt to make neither my ex-wife nor myself look like the bad guy. Answers like, we weren’t happy together and we are just going to court to work out some open issues. More and more the children have been asking very specific questions about my new wife’s income and our finances. She is sueing me for alimony and I pay 100% of child support currently. My current wife was deposed by my ex-wife’s attorney and he had qoutes from a conversation I did have with my son about some of the things going on in the divorce. I am having to sell some things off and that includes his go cart and I mentioned his mother didn’t want him to have it and to respect her wishes, I was going to sell it. My ex-wife’s attorney had what I said to my son in quotes, I don’t even remember word for word what I said. This isn’t the first time my ex has had a very detailed account of things that have been said in my home. If I find a recording device where my children are recording my conversations with them or between my wife and I for my ex-wife’s benefit is there anything I can do other than confront my children with it? I know my ex-wife has put the children in an impossible position by telling them to do this. Can my wife go after a civil suit against my ex-wife for illegally recording private conversations? Do new spouses have any rights at all when it comes to divorce cases like this?

Your new spouse does not have any rights in your divorce case, but may have a civil suit against your ex on her hands if a recording device is found in her home.