Unknown tape recording

I currently have a temporary seperation agreement in place, my husbands business is being evaluated, and a mediation date is scheduled for October. My question is this, my husband while he was still living in the house planted a tape recorder which recorded private conversations with my family, friends, and a good male friend that has been helping me with this process. Understand - He was seeing escorts (20k last year), has waved pistols around the house and threatened me, and is a plain old SOB! He has since managed to take these tape recording and put them on email and is sending them to everyone under the sun. When I say everyone I mean, my parents/my kids teachers/principal/neighbors/kids friends parents/etc… What is my recourse? From what I have read this is a federal offense with mandatory penalities.

My attorney seems to be just trying to bring a resolution to this mess but I am so mad and want to know what I have to do to prosecute him and what the process is and what I can expect to pay in Attorney fees?


You may want to consider filing a civil suit against him for money damages based on an invasion of privacy.