Exes Behavior in front of our Daughter - Recordings of these

My ex continually insists on interrogating my daughter for info and putting me down to my daughter, and speaking to her about inappropriate adult issues. Either on the phone in front of my daughter, or at our exchanges she consistently starts arguments and becomes verbally abusive towards me in front of our daughter, calling me names, making accusations, discussing issues that have no business being heard by our daughters ears. I have asked and told her I don’t want to do this and ask my daughter to get in the car and my ex will just continue. I have recorded many of these with a recorder in my pocket. Are these admissible? Can I use them to back up my claim that she is in fact doing these things when she denies everything? How about the phone conversations and voice mails as well?

Yes, the recordings of your spouse are admissible in court and will be very useful in proving that your ex is engaging in deliberate, inappropriate behavior which could alienate your child’s affections for you, and cause psychological damage.
Phone conversations and voicemails are also admissible.

Thanks Erin, I appreciate your help!