Is what my child tells me admissible?

Hi. Thanks for having this forum, it is really helpful. What if the only way I know about the other parent’s behavior when my child is with him, is from the child herself? If I were to file to change custody, or at least for him to stop doing some things that are not great for her (like not have a bed time and some similar things) would I be able to tell the court what my daughter says or is this just hearsay? Because I am sure he would just deny it. She’s too little to testify I think (6) and even if she were old enough I wouldn’t want her to be scared since she’s very shy. Thanks for any advice.

I know it may be hard, but maybe you could look at getting the child an ad litem attorney. This is an attorney that represents the child, not the parents. I am not sure the exacts of it all, but if the child is telling you something that is really bad, then her voice should be heard in the courts.