Phone Records

Recently, my spouse accused me of “tracking her phone” and threatened legal action or file a police report. The only people I know who can legally obtain phone records are government or law enforcement and must have a court order. Not sure how she knows that she’s beeing “tracked”, but it isn’t me. Is a phone company obligated to notify a customer that their phone records have been requested? I’ve read many things where phone records can be obtained through a legal process, but you can’t even call and get your own phone records; makes me think it’s a pretty difficult thing to do and not just any one off the street can do it.

I do not know what the phone company’s obligations are to their customers, but the only way I know how to obtain them is through a subpoena. For a subpoena to be issued, a court proceeding must be occurring.

If you have Verizon, then you can pull phone records from the Internet. I don’t know if other phone companies provide this service.

Sprint can also be pulled from your account online along with it has number tracking options in your account