Plaintiff prays judgment of the Court question

Anyone can be taken back to to court at anytime if there is a chnage in circumstances. Heck, you can be taken back to court for anyting as long as the judge excepts and schedules the hearing.


Is this a normal statement?
Shouldn’t it state both the plaintiff and defendent, not just the plaintiff?
Why would this statement be added?

Yes, she can take you back to court and, you could also take her back. What it really says is that she is asking the courts to give her all she has asked for in the decree and anything else the courts might want to throw in on her behalf if they feel the agreement leans to favorably your way. It does not mean the judge will but, does leave him open to do so. It does not say “future relief” although further could be seen as meaning future in some peoples minds. so, you do have grounds to argue in the future. But, I would just take it down and have a lawyer review it for you before I signed it.


My ex sent me Divorce papers to sign. I do not have a lawyer. The last line of the judgemnts I do not understand.

  1. That the plaintiff have and recover such other and further relief as the court may deem just and proper.

The only thing I got out of the marriage of real value is part of the military retirement.

Does this statement mean he can take me back to court?

Thanks for you help. TDM