Understand divorce/legal lingo


I just received divorce papers and we have separated everything and have the child support, custody issues taken care of and its filed with the court. I agree with the divorce except I don’t understand #2 on my papers. Could you please explain if this is just lingo or what it REALLY means and if I should be concerned. Thank-you! This is under the part “The plaintiff prays the court as follows:” #2 For such other and further relief as to which the Plaintiff may be entitled in law and equity.

Mx ex is the plaintiff…


Can you give the sentence prior to that? It would put the other sentence into context.


the sentence before that is #1… Basically saying the marriage is to be dissolve and an absolute divorce be granted.


That is a standard phrase used in a prayer for relief.


What does that mean? Is he trying to get $$ from me?


It means, please give me anything else I’m entitled to but may have forgotten to ask for.