Wording on Divorce Complaint

In a Complaint for Absolute Divorce filed in North Carolina, what is meant by the phrase: “Order such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.” Is there any reason to be concerned by this phrase if the defendant in said complaint will not be present when the complaint is heard by the Judge?

It means what it says. That the plaintiff is asking for X relief (which sounds like a divorce) and whatever else the judge deems is just and proper. It’s fairly standard language, but without reading the complaint, I couldn’t answer whether there is any other relief besides a divorce that the judge may believe is just and proper.

Can I scan a copy of the complaint with the personally identifying information redacted and post it on here for you to look at?

No, that is outside the scope of this forum. You could come in for a consultation to discuss this or you could subscribe to Rosen Online where we would be able to answer more indepth questions about your case. You could find out more at http://www.rosen.com/diy