Please clarify - alimony

It means that the person trying to get alimony is financially dependant on the supporting spouse (the person who earns the most money.) So if your ex earned less than you, and is dependant on your income to pay the bills, she may be entitled to alimony.

All this statement means is that the “complainant” or plaintiff is solely finacially dependant on the defendant. Example, If you (defendant) have solely supported your wife (complaintant) while you were married, she would file a claim for alimony from you to continue to support her finacially.
There are however factors which the courts can look at to determine alimony, such as marital misconduct by either spouse, standard of living and many more. If for example, your wife had an affair, she could give up her claim for alimony. If you had the affair, she would have a better reason to request alimony.

I ask because in the paperwork it specifies her as the defendant. I am the plaintiff. Does it mean anything to the caseif I am the supporting spouse, but not the defendant. I guess is this just legal jargon that can be ignored or is it pertinent to the proceedings? Her lawyer is not treating me fairly because I cannot afford one, and I want to be sure that I do not lose the shirt off my back. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Lawyers don’t play fair but if shes the defendant that means you filed first and if she has obtained a lawyer I strongly suggest you get yourself one, If you don’t get a lawyer you just might as well sign everything over to her today. save your money

You can be the Plaintiff in the divorce case, but she can ask for alimony and then you would be the defendant in her action for alimony. Being the Plaintiff means you are asking for the divorce. Being the defendant is defending yourself against her claim for alimony.

Her lawyer has never amended the paperwork to say I am the defendant. A minor point, I know. I have spoken with a lawyer, but just do not have the funds to hire one.

I found this statement on your website and would like some clarification on what it means: An essential allegation in a complaint for postseparation support or alimony that complainant is the dependent spouse, and that defendant is the supporting spouse.

I would really appreciate a speedy reply as this goes to court very soon!