Please explain how this is legal, please

Can anyone explain? Thanks

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Adoption makes you legally responsible for a child - expenses, liability, etc. Therefore, adoption means that a child is treated as if they were born from their adopted parent. So, he actually has two children now, which means that he has less money to pay for both. So, in a way, she is helping to support both children, yes. Thank you.

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My wife is paying child support. Her ex-husband has just adopted the daughter of the woman he married after he and my wife got divorced. He has no biological connection to his step-daughter. How in the world is it that, when he adopted his step-daughter, it caused my wife’s child support payment to him, for their daughter, to increase.

I clearly appears that my wife is being penalized, by having to pay more child support, for his decision to adopt his step-daughter, which was something my wife had no say so in.

Is there anyhting that can be done about this as this seems excessive and unfair.