Pool Membership = "Work Related Child Care"?



Is there any guideline or ruling that says exactly what qualifies as a work-related child care expense when calculating Child Support?

My ex has successfully argued that her payment of a pool membership is “work-related” child care costs since she leaves the kids alone at home in the summer. The kids are 14, 12, and 10. My ex says that the pool is a place the kids can go to hang out that is safe and close to home. The judge bought that argument. I said it was for entertainment only, and I don’t have a pool membership because of the expense. I pay for YMCA summer camps for the kids during my custodial weeks in the summer. You know, real child care.



If the custodial parent is working during the time the children are in someone else’s care and that time is paid for, it is considered work related child care.


It doesn’t sound like they’re in ANYONE’S care if they’re left home alone, and the pool is optional for them to show up to.