"Work Related Chilcare"

In my Temporary Child Support Order, the judge ordered that “The defendant shall pay the work related child care for the benefit of the minor children.” Both my ex husband and I work and we have 3 children. We are disputing about when the children get sick and we need to hire a babysitter to care for the children when we are at work, who should pay for that expense? My ex husband (the defendant) feels that if the children are with me (on my scheduled day), it is my responsibility to pay for childcare and if they are sick on his day, it is his responsibility to cover the cost of child care.

My question is what does “work related childcare” cover and does it cover sick day care?


Work-related childcare would likely include childcare for when the child is sick and you have to work, as that is still work-related childcare. I would have to review your your order though to tell you for certain, which I cannot do on the forum.