Are summer camps consider as "child care" in NC?


My ex and I are having a dispute regarding on whether summer camps should be consider as “child care” or as “extra curricular activity”. Given that our Child Custody order doesn’t contain anything specific regarding this matter, is it reasonable to think that the court expects the two parties to share the expense? If yes, should the costs be shared based on income?
Many thanks for your response.


Whether summer camps are an extra-curricular activity or child care is case specific and I believe there are factors that would support both arguments. Some things to consider would be whether the cost is comparable to child care; the duration of the camp; and what the child care arrangements would be if the child was not going to camp.

If you agree that it is child care, you can re-run the child support calculator to determine the impact on the support obligation and enter a modification to cover the expense. If not, you should follow what your support order says about the payment of extra-curricular activities.