What is extracurricular?

In my order it states my ex is to pay for 1/2 of all extracurricular activities. Is summer camp considered extra curricular? He currently pays
for items like karate, music lessons etc that are year round as well as items like basketball, soccer that are just during the school year. This
will be the first summer we have encountered since the order went into effect. The summer camps I have enrolled my child in is
things like sports camps, engineering camp, and overall outdoor camp. I technically don’t need to use camp as child care as my mother
will watch him the weeks he isn’t enrolled in any type of camp.

Camps are extracurricular activities, but an order that requires a party pay 1/2 of all extracurricular activities is very unorthodox. Usually, these provisions pertain only to mutually-agreed upon activities. I can imagine some push back if you unilaterally enroll the child in activities without consulting the other party on the expenses related to these.