Definition of Extra Curricular activities


Per my child support consent order I am obligated to pay up to $1200 in extra curricular activities. Is there a generally accepted list of allowed and disallowed expenses that relate to this category? For example - are school-related field trip expenses typically included in this provision?



There is no general definition for extracurricular activities, tough I cannot predict the outcome in any one case, I would assume a judge would indeed interpret a school trip as qualifying under that provision.


Thanks for the quick response - much appreciated!


You are most welcome.


Erin - a quick follow up. Similar to what I do for my company or for the IRS, can I include travel-related expenses as part of the “extra curricular” bucket? I probably spend several hundred dollars in gasoline and lunches directly attributed to hauling the kids back and forward and was curious if I could include this stuff. I know it’s nit-picky but I want to cover all bases!


No, travel expenses and food are not extracurricular.