Child support vs extracurricular activities

Are there some general guidelines (or court expectations) about what expenses a monthly child support payment covers versus what is considered to be extracurricular expenses or activities?

Child support is intended to cover the children’s needs including housing, utilities, clothing food, ect. Other than basic needs the guidelines are no more specific.

The Court has discretion on extracurricular activities. The party requesting child support would have to have documentation to the childrens’ needs concerning these activities. Although there are guidelines, the Court ALWAYS can make any determination the Court sees fit. The guidelines are in place for basic requirements, but not written in stone. At least there ARE guidelines for child support which usually is not enough anyway, but at least the guidelines are there. The COURT can do any damn thing it wishes. Period. Remember those lines you spoke at your wedding? For better or worse? Well, those lines applied to DIVORCE and whatever judge (for better or worse) you may get! Good luck!