Temporary Child Support order


My x-wife and I went to court and now have a Temporary Child Support order. We do not have a separation agreement. (I know, not a good idea). Anyway, the judge did not mention anything other than I need to make my monthly payments. What about medical costs (co-pays, things outside of what my insurance pays, etc), school supplies, extra-curriculars (like soccer, etc), etc, etc? How is that handled when we don’t have an agreement? Is there something inherent in the Temporary Child Support order? A link to a statute/law would be great, if there is a law.


Child support is intended to cover your share of the children’s reasonable needs while they are in your ex’s care. The calculator is meant to allocate the children’s reasonable needs based on both of your combined incomes. Often times extracurricular activities are paid by the parties based on the parties’ pro-rata share of income, though the guidelines do not specifically mention extracurricular activities and therefore it can be inferred that the guidelines presume support goes towards covering these costs as well.