Post separation support and alimony

The key consideration is the standard of living during the marriage. You have not been working and the court will be very sympathetic to that situation. Keep in mind, however, that there is a good chance that you will be able to resolve the situation without going to court. Most cases never reach a courtroom because folks are able to agree.

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I’m married 36 yrs and have not worked in 25 yrs. I’m hearing conflicting information about how they will view my ability to earn income so that he will have less support responsibility. I’m under the impression that he will have to maintain my standard of living and I feel that includes my stay at home status for over 25 yrs. I’m 57 yrs old and my last daughter will be 18 in Dec 2006. I do not have a degree. I’ve heard that the judge will look at my earning ability and expect me to go to work. One friend said her attorney told her not to go to work or make any changes and another friend’s attorney told her to find a job to look good in the eyes of the feminist judge that was assigned to her case (both in similar situations both husband’s able to support non working spouses). How can that be, who is getting the best advise. Who is looking out for who. Dosen’t seem like a judge can impose her values upon a non working wife. Where do I stand in the eyes of a judge regarding my work history? Why should I go out to work to relieve my spouse form support especially since he is at fault in our marriage.