Post separation support

Married 8.5 yrs. Husband left and moved in with his girlfriend 15 days later. I haven’t worked in last 5yrs. He pays mortgage, power,water bill and gives me $75/week. August will be a year. I have no where to move and no income. I have strange undiagnosed medical condition. Seeing Dr at Duke. Mortgage / deed in both names. I hired a $1500 lawyer 5 months ago with money I borrowed hoping for post separation support but nothing yet. We had mediation but nothing resolved. Do we have to settle property before we see the judge? At this late stage, I would rather the judge decide property and spousal support or alimony.

There isn’t a law that requires you to settle your property issues before you see a judge, you could certainly move forward with ED and PSS/Alimony claims and have the judge issue an order on all issues.