Pre-marital real estate

Before I got married I bought a home. At the time that I bought the home, I was dating my ex-husband. He had nothing to do with the purchase of the property. When we moved out, instead of selling the house - we decided to rent. My ex-husband’s brother and his family now reside in the house. They make the mortgage payment every month - never had a late payment - and they take care of all of the needs and repairs of the home. They did make some structure changes to the home without my consent. I have no contract with them as well as no rental agreement. My ex-husband says that when we decided to rent my house to them, that we decided we would sell the house to them when they were able to purchase it - at the amount of the payoff for the loan. I owe $65,000 on a house that is worth about $110,000. I do not want to sell the home to them, and I don’t know what to do. Can you offer any legal advice?

If there is no written purchase agreement you are not bound to sell the house.