Prenuptial problem

I just started reading all of these postings… I wish I had an answer for you… I even asked a few friends that I know if they ever have heard of this… I work with many hispanic workers thought perhaps one of them may have had the same situation. Not a single one had ever heard of this and suggested you go back down to the court house and ask somebody different. Or call an attorney perhaps they can tell you if this is correct or not. Seems if you have a legal signed document it would not matter. You may have to go back to Puerto Rico and File? good luck on this one.

Dear Timberline:

Greetings. It may simply need to be authenticated - which is different from notarized. If it is valid in the jurisdiction where you created it then it is generally valid here. Good luck.

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I have a prenuptial agreement that was drawn up, signed and filed in Puerto Rico before marriage.
Since this time (we) relocated to North Carolina.
We are in the process of a separation and I have had the prenuptial translated from Spanish to English in Purto Rico. I have a copy of the document.I was told the document now needs to be authorized / notarized in NC so that it can be recorded in the state of NC as a legal document.Its no good the way it is. I dont understand why my document was valid in Purto Rico but not here, that is what I was told at the court house. I am not sure how to proceed. Can anybody tell me what to do next. I took the document to a local notary at my bank and she would not sign it. So now what! My problem is that my spouce since finding out about this trouble will not abide by this prenup and wants to take advantage of the situation.