PRO SE & Consent Order

An order is a “consent order” when both parties have indicated by their signatures on the order that they agree to having it entered by the judge. If you did not actually place your signature on the order, then it was not a consent order. It may have been an order the attorney drafted based on the judge’s findings and ruling after a hearing or trial. Before taking any action on your suspicions, you should examine the order the judge entered and make sure you understand how it came to be entered.

Regarding the criminal charge, I suggest you take it very seriously, regardless of whether you think the paramour can prove it. Criminal trials can have much more drastic consequences even than civil ones, so I would recommend having an attorney represent you in the criminal matter.

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I am representing myself PRO SE. My husbands lawyer drafted a consent order and the judge signed it and I never saw the order before the judge signed it.

I believe it may have happened again, even thought I told the attorney to allow me to see it before the judge signed it again.

Is there anything I can do about this? Can I get my case moved to another judge and go to the state bar about estranged husbands attorney and what he is going?

Also, his attorney I beleive had my husbands paramour take out criminal charges of harassment when I have not harassed her. How do I fight this charge? I did not know her at the time, she said on the charges, do I need a criminal lawyer to appear with me on the court date?

Thank you for your advise.