Process / timeline when filed against


Spouse is uncooperative . He will not give me time to seek representation . It has been only 4 vweeks since he announced he wanted a divorce and gave me some bogus agreement with his terms . I am broke , just make enough to pay bills . We are in same house
I finally scraped together enough to consult with an atty . Appt scheduled 1 day after his deadline . He is not bending . I told his atty of my appt .
Husband is still saying he is filing . I am assuming Bed & Board since we still live under same roof . Or can he file for other ie ED
We are all debt and very few assets
My question
If he files what is the process and an approx timeline ?
How long from filing to judges decision approx. ?
what do I need to do to respond ?
Are there extensions to be asked for ? How long ?
Can I self represent for any of these?
Will I be treated fairly or will I lose if I do ?
which actions do I most need representation ?


You have 30 days to file an answer once served with a complaint. You will need to file an answer to the complaint which responds to the allegations. You may seek one 30 day extension (60 days total to answer) but the hearing can be set before your answer is due. A divorce from bed and board can usually be heard anywhere from 30-60 days after the complaint is filed. You can represent your self.