Property in Divorce


My husband and I have only been married almost 1 year June 5th will be one year, I gave up my home to move in with him and for the past 3 years we have lived together in his home that was paid for before we were married. In these 3 years I have paid all the bills in this home as he has not worked. I have spent about 7k remodeling the house and have supported him and his kids for these 3 years. He has decided he wants a divorce and thinks that I should leave and do not deserve anything. I feel that I deserve atleast half of the house being as I am the one who has paid all of the bills here for the past 3 years and I have put plenty of money into the house. Could someone please advise me on my rights even though the house was his and paid for before we got married do I deserve anything from this house since he has not worked or paid any of the bills here for the past 3 years.
Thanks we live in NC if that helps


You have an argument that you should receive ½ of all the active gain in value on the home from the date of marriage to the date of separation. This would include ½ of any principal reduction on the mortgage made during the marriage, and ½ of the gain in value made from the remodeling project (if the gain in value occurred during the marriage).