Property removed from home

My step son came and picked up all my husbands tools to bring to him. My husband got them and moved them to his brothers. Now he is lying about it and saying I took them. His son can’t make our ED hearing but can be write a letter and have notarized? He is willing to sY that be took them and where he took them.

Unfortunately, for your stepson to present evidence he will need to be there in person. Affadavits are generally only used in temporary hearings. Permanent hearings affect a substantial right, so any witnesses will need to appear in person so that the opposing party can cross-examine the witnesses against him. To do otherwise would violate your’s ex’s right to due process under the Constitution.

Well here is my other question. When we got married, I had a house full of new furniture and televison/stereo/computers. All under a year old. He had old nasty furniture and trashy stuff. We bought a house 4 months later that we (I) bought partially furnished. We threw away most of his stuff because it was dirty. When we got rid of my house from pre marriage, we sold my stuff (after marriage) to purchase tools for his business. Now he says those tools are not marital property. I know they are but he has sold them since separation and now says I sold them. Which I didn’t. If I have the craigslist ad with his phone number, can I use that as evidence?

I think that evidence would be a good thing for you to have in this case since he is trying to claim that you are the one who sold the items.