Property Settlement, Health Care & Alimony not paid!

One more question, my husband and I signed a separation agreement 3 months ago, the agreement states he has to pay my health ins for 3 years, and alimony for 5 years and pay $20k for property division. He has not paid anything to date. He also quit his job, so has no income. By January 1 he will owe me $25k. The only thing he has is his car which he owes more than its worth on and has $27k in his TSP. Can I get the TSP money assigned to me without suing him in court? Is the only way I can get him to pay to sue him? Is their interest or late penalties assigned when someone doesn’t pay?

Since he is not paying for my health insurance, I can’t afford to pay it, if get sick or need medical care will he be responsible for the costs of the care? If I sue him how would the court remedy the situation, since I will have gone a number of months without insurance, and since I have some preexisting conditions, if I don’t get on the COBRA coverage it will be near impossible to get insurance at a decent price, so will the court award additional amounts to get covered at the higher costs? Are penalties imposed?

If I could afford to pay for my own health insurance: if I pay for it on my own, will he have to reimburse me for the cost of it?


No, you must sue him for breach of contract in order to get a judgment for the money he owes you and to bring him in line with the terms of the agreement regarding health insurance.
I cannot predict what remedy the judge will order.