Protective order with no police report

i was assaulted by my ex husband . I called the police and they qrote out a report. i went to the magistrate office and put out a warrant. My ex somehow went to the court house with some tapes he had from years back he was secretly recording our arguments but only had me screaming on the tape. He told them that i tried to kill my daughter. They gave him a protective order. How is this possible

The Order was granted ex parte, meaning that only his side of the case was heard. You will be given the opportunity to be heard at the hearing which should be scheduled sometime this week.

WE went to court and the findings were not found to be true but yet he still had the protective order. he has used that protective order malciously and this judge is dumb founded as to what is going on.

So the judge did not extend the order correct?

Yes she did. All he had to do is go to the judge or the magistrate office any time he got mad at me and say i did something that violated the order without any proof and a warrant was out for my arrest. My ex did all of this because he was trying to build a criminial case against me so he can get custody of my kids and he doesn’t wasnt to pay child support. i haven’t recieve support in 4 years

I cannot say for sure without seeing the order, but based on the facts you list I would assume it is a civil domestic violence order of protection. There are no criminal consequences so long as you follow the order and do not have contact with him.