Proving income from self employeement


I am seeking child support and my spouse. Income comes from various means. Spouse is self employeed. How can I prove the income, spouse does not use bank accounts and usually pays with cash or money orders and such. Income comes from various places such as internet sources, buy/sell cars and stuff, real estate. Spouse also is a gambler.

How can I prove these lines of income and will I have to if they are not willing to provide the info…as tax returns from previous years show losses.

Thank you.

It will be difficult to pin down the income in this case, and you will have to testify to the pattern of spending during the marriage and seek documents such as sale receipts from the internet business.

I have copies of spouses income for the past 6 months from internet sales and copies of rental / lease agreements for real estate property.

Great, those items will be useful in court.