PSS and review

Recieved a court order stating that an ED and Alimony issues have been not addressed for over one year. The decree states that this manner will be dismissed unless there was contact with the court which there was not. I recieved a summons recently stating that I will have to go before the court in regards to a PSS review. My question is that can this happen? If the letter referenced PSS and was considered closed as it stated than what is this review? Could there have been an appeal without my knowledge? Here is the timeline…

July, was issued notice that the claims of ED and Alimony were open for over 1 year, further states that all parties have 30 days to contact cort.
September, past 30 days have not heard a thing.
January, opposing council issues Notice of Hearing for post seperation support review to happen in a couple of weeks.

If the court has summoned you for a PSS review you must appear in court. The court does not lose jurisdiction over its own order, even after other claims are dismissed.

What does the review entail? What I am confused about is the court notice stating that remaining items would be considered closed. The opposing party recently filed with the court to do a review, was there an appeal with out me knowing? Can they do that? The notice was sent to me by the opposing attorney. It has a stamp from the court as filed, not signed by the judge only by the attorney.

A party, or an attorney may set a matter for hearing, the judge need not sign off on a notice of hearing. I would assume the review would be to determine if PSS should be modified, or extended.