My ex husband I have finally agreed on a settlement. Ho do I obtain the paperwork necessary for a QDRO? Do I fill them in and then give themto the clerk for the Judge to sign? How does that work and what is the timeline for that?

The QDRO needs to be drafted and signed by each party and then entered by the court and sent to the plan for formal qualification. You should request a sample QDRO from the plan before moving forward and trying to draft in on your own.

My Plan does not have a sample to use, so I have payed for one and have drafted the QDRO; am planning on signing this afternoon with ex.

Q#1. Do our signatures need to be notorized?
Q.#2. Is there a hearing set in this matter or is just signed off by the clerk?

Yes, they will need to be notarized, and yes a judge will have to sign it. Set a hearing to have the judge enter the QDRO. Drafting QRDOs can be tricky and I strongly recommend you meet with and attorney before entering into a QDRO.