Qualifying for alimony

A colleague of mine is going through her 3rd divorce. She and her third husband were married in April of 2007 and have shared a home together since June 2006 (which both their names are on). She left her husband and the family home in April of 2010 and has not been back since. To the best of my knowledge no legal separation papers have been filed. He is waiting to file papers because I guess he can claim abandonment after so much time. How much time does he have to wait until he can file? She, on paper, makes significantly less than her husband although I happen to know she has under the table income as well as child support from her second husband. How long do they have to be together for her to get alimony?

Either of them can file an action for Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Support and Child Custody, and Child Support as soon at any time. The only requirement is that they be separated, which they have been since she left.
Alimony can be awarded in a marriage of any length.