Question about alienation of affection

If a friend of my wife is creating marital strife in our relationship which causes my wife to want a divorce do I have grounds to sue her friend for causing this?
The ‘friend’ is a married female who frequently insults me in conversations with my wife and often tries to manipulate her feelings against me.
I should be clear in stating there is no extra marital sex or relationship happening in our marriage, it’s that I have learned my wife’s friend has been trying to drive a wedge between us.
What legal options do I have?

NOTE: I am not an attorney

Just a helpful bystander who went through this. Google “alienation of affection rosen” and you’ll find detailed information regarding AOA.

Now, having been through this, I can tell you that it’s a waste of time and money. Most likely it’ll never make it to court as you’re forced to go through mediation first (which costs even more money). My ex tried to sue my friend (at the time) because he states we were having an affair and he caused the divorce. However, I had proof that I was being abused and that was why we divorced. This doesn’t apply only to affairs but also to “meddling friends, family, etc.”. But honestly, unless you have stone cold proof that this person is causing your divorce, it’s really a waste. (but this is only my $.02 worth).

We provide information about alienation of affection claims, and specifically the grounds for pursuing them, in our article: Infidelity and Alienation of Affection. If you can prove that you were in a happy marriage and that the friend ruined the love an affection between you, you can pursue the claim (even though there is no infidelity).

ILoveMyCowboy is correct in that these cases are very expensive to try, and often the third party is judgement proof. You’ll have to do the cost benefit analysis to determine if it is something you would like to pursue.