Question about child custody cases

when you go into court for a child custody hearing, and you provide your attorney with documents supporting your claims against the other party, such as emails, etc. is it usual for an attorney to NOT turn that email, etc in as evidence, when it clearly shows the proof, and theres nothing in that proof that can be used against you personally? … say if you have a complaint against something someone has done, or something that they have lied on you about in their own complaint or answers, and you have proof in an email to show the judge that the other party is lying…the attorney asks you AND/OR the other party about a particular subject, and the attorneys just go with the answer that they testify to under oath, not bothering to show the email as evidence, regardless of whether that person lies under oath or not, is this normal? whats the point in providing attorneys with documentation to prove your case, if they arent going to turn it in as evidence or show the judge that piece of evidence to prove that other person is wrong or is lying?

Trial strategy is going to vary from attorney to attorney. Sometimes, we can’t put evidence in because of time constraints. Sometimes, the document is barred by the rules of evidence. There is no way for me to assess the situation better than the attorney you hired to do the work for you. You should speak with him or her about what happened and what strategy he/she has going forward.