Question about party that will not settle

Pre-trial conference with judge was held to determine the court’s position on a few issues holding up our settlement on permanent custody and support consent order.
Order was drafted per the judge’s guidelines and my ex will not sign, so we’re back on the calendar.
My question is, in your experience, will judges take into consideration which party refuses to settle? I have asked for him to pay legal fees, but in the pre-trial hearing the judge said we both made enough to pay our own fees, but now that he is the one that will not go by her guidelines, could this make a difference?
He’s stalling to manipulate his income (self-employeed) and I don’t know how to battle this and it keeps costing me more and more money.
The judge has said how she sees our case, gave us the guidelines for settlement and he still refuses to give up.
Is there anything I can do?

The court system is available to and created for parties who cannot settle disputes, there is no punishment or negative repercussion for failing to settle, as all litigants are entitled to their day in court.