Question about Support

My ex took me to court to try to have our agreement done away with. About 2 weeks ago we went to court and the judge dismissed his case. She said our agreement could not be modified. He tried to get the monthly alimony done away with. Our agreement says he has to pay it until I die, he dies, or I get remarried. None of these have ocurred. His payments are due to me by the 1st of the month. He has not sent the payment for this month and also hasn’t paid the obligations of our agreement for our daughter’s college expenses. I know I can have his wages garnished and I plan to do that if necessary. Can you think of any reason he may be withholding payment that would benefit him? I know he can appeal the judges decision, but this is the third time he has taken me to court and it has been dismissed. I am just wondering if he and his lawyer have some strategy to change things that involves his non-payment. His financial and other circumstances have not changed. I would appreciate any opinions on what he may be up to.

I can’t speculate as to his motives, but if you believe this is going to be a problem, I would file an action for breach of contract before it continues to long.