What can a court actually do to enforce payment?


In our separation agreement, I get child support and alimony. In addition, there is a 30% overage due for income over 100k. My ex is choosing to follow parts of our agreement, but has not complied with others. 1) He has not obtained life insurance or allowed me to get a policy to cover the alimony portion 2) he has not paid the overage due on a quarterly basis 3) he has not paid his 1/2 of child-related activities and orthodontia.

In addition, he already owes over 30k of back support during a time when he was unemployed (though the agreement allows for him to tack this repayment on to the end of the 10 year support term).

I would like to go to court to get some of this settled. Our agreement also states that if I have to go to court to enforce the agreement that he must pay my lawyer and court costs. As it will take several thousand dollars to work with an attorney and take him to court, this is more money I’ll be out of pocket for.

What can/will the court do to actually make him pay? If he’s saying he has no extra money for the overage and extra expenses, when would I ever see the legal expenses paid back? I feel like I might win in court, but lose because I’ll be out that much more money that I will never see.


The court will issue a judgment outlining the terms of his payments, if he does not comply he can eventually go to jail, and/or have his wages garnished and a lien put on his property.