Question on Dismissed Court Order


The original court order that North Carolina is currently enforcing was issued in Maryland. This order has been registered in North Carolina courts, but since then, the court order and case was dismissed by Maryland for lack of jurisdiction. If the issuing state has essentially voided this court order, shouldn’t it also be considered “null and void” by the courts in North Carolina and require and entirely new hearing? In addition to this, if the order violates North Carolina’s standards for custody, visitation, and the incomes on which it was based were never verified by either state involved, shouldn’t it also be considered illegal for the courts to enforce this order?


The court order was not likely dismissed, Maryland likely relinquished jurisdiction to NC.
There are no standards for custody and visitation as every case is different.


The order WAS dismissed by Maryland, I’ve verified this several times. As far as relinquishing the order to North Carolina, I tried to have this previously done and North Carolina courts refused to do so, although the state of Maryland was willing to pass this off.


If Maryland has relinquished jurisdiction NC can now assume jurisdiction. You may wish to seek a declaratory judgment regarding jurisdiction before moving forward on any other aspect of the case.