Question on term Visitation Schedule

We have been in a long drawn out custody battle (4 years) which i represented myself pro-se the last two, and in this small town of judge and lawyer back door dealings, it has not gone well. The last round when i went in to try to get my visitation schedule enforced my ex’s attorney went behind closed doors with the judge and instead of getting enforcement, i got orderd supervised visitation, to be supervised by my ex’s new husband. Yeah I know that wasn’t legal, yeah I know it is ex-parte. I have been through this so many times in this local court and i have learned it doesn’t much matter what the law is, they do as they damn well please. That is not the question.

The judge ordered reunification therapy, because the children are alienated and it was ordered in three prior orders, back as they kept gradually stripping my visitation rights- everytime i tried to get it enforced. The reunification therapist says she needs the ability to change the visitation arrangements as part of the therapy, you know go from in office to gradual overnights, etc. because that is the protocol So the consent order, which has been drafted by an attorney I paid, and then who promptly went on maternity leave, says the following:

“The reunification therapist shall be allowed to temporarily set a visitation schedule for the Plaintiff and the minor children that she believes will best promote a successful reunification and the parties agree to abide by the same until such time as the reunification therapist deems the therapy a success or otherwise terminates the relationship.”

Does this mean that the RT can order visitation to occur without the supervision of the ex- husband if she deems it necessary, or does this just mean times and dates?


The RT cannot order visitation, but can make suggestions that you and your ex are bound to abide by pursuant to the terms of your consent order. If visitation is required to be supervised, supervision will continue.