Court orders

If a court order states that a mutually agreed upon therapist should make recommendations to the parties regarding contact between the minor child and bio dad with the goal being to transition bio dad’s visits into a every other weekend type of schedule and govern the frequency and duration of the counseling sessions and the parties to comply.
and it also states that the bio mom is permitted to have someone of her choosing present to supervise these visits should she chose to do so.
Does the therapist have a right to recomend the visits be unsupervised? Would that not be taking a right away from the bio mother, that has full physical and legal custody?

Who is capable of advising the specifics and details of the order?

If the order states that visitation is to be supervised, I would tend to believe only a court could change that requirement. Only the court can say for sure how the order is to be interpreted.

The therapist is making her recommendations of unsupervised visits. and it goes against the court order, as I see it. I do not have a attorney, but the bio dad’s attorney and the therapist have been discussing things without my presence. Isn’t this a violation of ethics?

No, the therapist may speak to either parent at any time, unless the Order states otherwise.