Visitation change to unsupervised


you’re in a tough spot. My advise would be to sit back and wait. The bio mom’s resolve to be a mother will be tested soon enough. Continue doing all you are doing now. Be open about the process with your stepdaughter. It is she who is going to have the biggest conflict. Time will tell. Good luck.


Thank you! It is getting a little easier to deal with. We will just have to see if this is going to last or not. Either way, as long as she’s safe, I’m happy. Thank you again for the support!


Hello everyone, this is my first post, but I really need some kind of emotional support right now. Ok here’s my story…3 years ago I met my husband who was divorced with a 5 yr old daughter. When we moved in together and got married, the biological mother did not visit, and rarely called. She was on meth. Then we had to go to court to get custody settled, she received 6 months supervised visitation with unsupervised following thereafter. Well 6 months goes by and still we have no clean drug tests and she’s done nothing to improve her situation. Then after a year and a half!!! husband and I become foster parents. While talking to my step daughter about adopting one of the foster children, she says “I want you to adopt me.” I was thrilled! I was already doing everything that a mom (or her mom) should be doing. So I talked to her about the process, talked to my husband, then the bio. mom. I guess bio mom realized that somebody else wanted her daughter and so she goes and gets an attorney. After raising this child for 3 years with no help from her at all, and very little contact, we settled today for unsupervised visits so we could keep full custody. It was basically settle and keep custody or don’t settle and get joint custody. Now I feel like I’ve lost my own daughter! I’ve been “mom” for three years while that woman went out partying and living it up. Please someone offer some feedback!