Visitation activities

Long story short, my ex is saying she has a lawyer but I know for a fact she doesn’t have legal representation because of the paperwork that has been filed. My lawyer verified she doesn’t have a lawyer.
My ex is saying that her “lawyer” says I can only have supervised visitation with my son (she has no legal basis for this, but I’m going along with it for now because I’m not sure what else I can do at this point since there is no paperwork saying either one of us can keep him at any certain time). My question is, what are the rules on supervised visitation? Since she is saying that’s the only time I can spend with him, I’m going to make her do it “by the book”… She is planning activities (like spending the day at the pool) and telling me that I have to just come along with them if I want to see him. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending the day at the pool with my son, but I’m not exactly thrilled about spending the day with her at the pool. Can she technically plan the activities for the visit since it is supposed to be my bonding time with my son? I understood that I was responsible for planning the activities and whomever the supervisor was, had to basically tag along.
Also, if we had a court ordered supervised visitation, would she be the supervisor or would a third party play that role?
Hope you can help!

If the court orders that visitation be supervised, the court will set the parameters of the supervision in the Order, sometimes it is required that a family member supervise visitation, and other times the supervision is more strict and may be ordered to be at a supervised visitation center.