Quitclaim after Interim Distribution

First thanks for this forum, both free and paid. Both have been helpful as we finally wind down this divorce. Was able to get the Absolute Divorce and Interim Distribution on first attempts for both based on what was told here by Rosen.

Because Defendant left with no forwarding address and had paid nothing towards the house (or anything else) for a year, Judge awarded the house to Plaintiff: “The ownership of the home located at … is hereby vested solely in the Plaintiff…”.

We went to get the deed changed and was told we had to list the grantor and grantee. I’m sure Grantee is Plaintiff. But, who is the Grantor? We have no idea where Defendant is. I’m thinking the Grantor is the Judge?

Thanks again!

If you are retitling the house in your name, and it was previously titled jointly, then the grantor is Defendant and the grantee is Plaintiff.

Thanks! Even if the Defendant doesn’t even know about the court order? And what about the Grantor’s signature that all the forms I’ve seen require?

I would make this inquiry directly to the Register of Deeds; you can always file a motion for contempt if you ask the Defendant to sign the deed pursuant to the Order and he refuses. The judge can compel him to sign. But, the Register of Deeds may offer another, easier, way to get the new deed recorded.

We don’t know where defendant is. Deeds office says go see a lawyer. Alas. Thanks for answering.