Quitclaim notary has to be from NC?!

This oughtta be an easy one (nudge nudge, wink wink). We are divorcing and own a timeshare in NC, however we do not live in NC. She’s getting the timeshare. I found a Quitclaim form online, but it’s making it sound like the notary has to be from NC? Isn’t a notary a notary? Isn’t that the whole point of notarizationalizing?

The notary does not need to be an NC notary, it is likely that whomever prepared the deed assumed it would be executed here. Just have the notary in the state you are in cross through the NC State and County, and write in the correct information and include their stamp or seal.

Excellent, thanks! And thanks for the quick response! You guys ROCK! \m/

Thanks! All the best!