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Read a post tonight that got me to thinking. My STBX is living in the house that we recently bought. She is asking for $1200 spousal/child support. I am currently paying the mortgage and all expenses related to the house as well as our childrens private schooling. She has a job. Am I required to pay her the additonal amount since she is living in the house and not paying for anything?

You are obligated to pay support in the amount you agreed to in a fully executed separation agreement, or the amount you are court ordered to pay. If you have no agreement or order, you should pay child support in an amount sufficient to meet the children’s reasonable needs (this includes ensuring they have a roof over their heads , food, heat, and other necessities).

I understamd that, but the question was geared more towards the house. Should she be required to use the money I give her to pay the mortgage since she is living there or am I required to pay it and also pay her an additional amount?

You cannot dictate how she spends the support you pay her. You can however pay her less and pay the mortgage directly.