Recording conversations/interviews with child

I have had a really bad experience in this county with DSS and legal system. In the future if I ever have a situation where a social worker from DSS or other professional wants to interview my child alone, do I have the right to record this as long as I let them know in advance that it will be recorded or what is the law concerning this as far as use in court? I would want to do a video and voice recording and was wondering if that is legal and admissable in court.

You may not record the social workers interview with your child.

The interview that was conducted with my child was in my presence in my home. I had no witnesses here because I did not know about the corruption in DSS/CPS which can be found on numerous sites listing complaints people have about them in many counties throughout the US. This social worker completely changed the report and reworded it. Many people have complained about social workers doing this, falsifying reports in court. If a social worker comes in my home and I am present for the entire interview, would I be able to record it and use it in court? Would I have to notify the social worker that she was being recorded?

You would have to let the social worker know that the interview was being recorded.