Refinance dangers prior to ED?

My stbx is currently in the marital home (mortgage in her name, mine is on the deed though) and is wishing to refinance to a lower rate until ED is settled. Her bankers are requesting that I sign some documents to allow her to proceed with the new mortgage. Is there anything in that process that I should be concerned with? We do not have an SA but have divided some furnishings to allow me to move out. The only items we would have settled in the ED would be the equity in the marital home and a possible retirement split. We are very amicable but the need to “sign” something has made me a bit wary. Anyone have any insight on what they (mortgage company) are wanting from me?

Thanks from Wellville!

They will want a free trade agreement signed and notarized by both you and your spouse. This will allow her to refinance in her sole and separate name.