Release of dower and marital rights

I signed a Release like this (I really didn’t know what I was signing) concerning the house we currently live in (still married), giving up rights to marital property status, and any increase of value in the property–

  1. Do I have any marital Property rights at all to this property? What about in ED Considerations-- is the property still considered to be spouse’s asset that I can bargain against, or not? Can I protest this Release on the grounds that I wasn’t really informed/ aware of the consequences (I was just told to sign it or else I
    couldn’t move into the house)

  2. Spouse convinced me to sign on to the mortgage-- isn’t this the perfect trap (i.e., being financially obligated to something you have no marital property rights to)?

  3. What might the court do with this situation, assuming spouse keeps the house?

                                                                                      many thanks

I cannot advise you on this issue without reviewing the document you signed, which is beyond the scope of this forum.